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Thanks for looking into Ljubljana International School (LIS). It is an honor to come alongside the primary educators of your child—you the parents! We will be seeking your wise counsel as your child or young adult begins to explore life in the constant of our school. It is our hope that he/she will be challenged to understand the world around them and its complexities. We will not hesitate to engage them on their learning curve—what interests them, what is curious, what brings them a sense of wonder.

The LIS vision is that “Children thrive in an atmosphere that promotes a life filled with meaning and purpose, where curiosity and a sense of wonder is cherished and encouraged.” Imagine with us a vibrant classroom, inside our building, or outside in nature, on an excursion to a favorite European city, or just visiting the incredible local museums in Ljubljana. Taking service learning to a new level—researching the perceived problem, looking for solutions, and providing effective service to the community. This is how human beings thrive and children and young adults should receive nothing less.

We ask you to join us in discovering anew what a search for truth, beauty and goodness in the life around us looks like. We endeavor to refuse mediocrity and the mundane—those are choices not made for curious persons. We will challenge our students with books that are alive with meaning, whether it be the history of ancient civilizations, or that classic piece of literature. Mathematics was never meant to be boring and useless beyond making change at your local store. A logical by product is….logic—if rightly taught with joy and enthusiasm. Watch them thrive as they learn to sing, play an instrument, encourage another student, learn the importance of gratitude.

It’s time we give our children the best opportunity to grow as persons. It will be worth it. We are grateful for the opportunity.

John Newton, School Director

MSA Accreditation

Ljubljana International School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA-CESS). MSA-CESS accreditation is an external, objective validation of school quality and student achievement. Only schools that meet a high standard of institutional mission, goals, performance, and resources may receive MSA-CESS accreditation.

The Middle States Association is a worldwide leader in accreditation and school improvement. For over 125 years, Middle States has been helping school leaders establish and reach their goals, develop strategic plans, promote staff development and advance student achievement.



It’s pure grace! Yesterday we started the metamorphosis of my son’s old school and it turned very good. As the morning started, lunch was being packed, tooth were brushed and Ms. Belinda was saluted with great joy right out of the window. (My boy) kind of ran to school, his academic sanctuary, where are his friends and hallowed teacher, plus the deeply appreciated team, together keeping a beautiful villa on our street so engaged in learning. I saw it with my eyes! I brought his lunch around noon and had a precious snapshot into his classroom. I felt like Keanu Reeves in Matrix when he saw the classroom where little students learned metaphysics in practice. Kids were so engaged in their work, and the atmosphere was the best a mom can see. And I almost breathe with the school, so I can experience delight from hearing happy and nice students as part of this city quarter background. If you ever had second thoughts about school, and you trust your children, I deeply recommend to see it for yourself! As in our case our school with its community is enriching us, building a strong foundation in academics and social skills, raising our living standard higher. In a world so critically unstable and terribly misunderstood, a good school is as important for ones being blessed with children as it will affect whole the society. Not that I’m feeling optimistic, I’m living it.

I don’t know what you did with (my daughter), but on Monday, she took a book and started reading it aloud and on Tuesday, again. Never before has she read as well as those two days – with great enthusiasm, great intonation…. She was a new person… It must have something to do with this school. Thank you soooo much.